The Perfect Hunt

I quit a new job after 5 months. This is my first career break attempt after 14 years and the shortest service I ever given to an employer. How does it feel like to drop everything off my shoulder after all these workaholic years? Why I did what I did? I wouldn’t call myself a quitter. I could have continued, knowing what I am capable of regardless if it is an easy or a demanding job. I literally drained myself in every job, for what I believe the jobs are my passion. But, what if it’s not your passion? I know for sure that if I forcefully committing myself in a world that doesn’t sync with me, it will be a huge regrettable mistake.

It was a tough ride for I haven’t prepared enough. Some things were meant to be impromptued I supposed – I have no idea. Relieved? Oh yes. Guilty? Yes, for going against the norm. In fact, managing shock expressions from family and peers is also a form of stress. Despite that, I am motivated to do things I always wanted to do but did not manage to do all these years.

I enjoy reading. It became the first priority on my checklist for its rich inspiration. Since early year, I’ve tasked myself to read at least a book each month. Sitting in a lounge reading ‘The Morning Miracle’ by Hal Elrod, sipping a cup of coffee with absolutely no rush, how awesome. It’s my 6th book since January ’18, and the 3rd book since the quit.

A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.

– George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

I added sketching, painting, travelling, writing, learning a new language, running, and pilates after. With all these, I literally ran out of space on my schedule, something I couldn’t believe myself. A much needed break indeed. Remembering the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, I am gearing towards searching for my life purpose.

What is the most passionate job I would love to do that I would do it for free?

It has been over 2 months now. Good news is I’m getting somewhere – creating Frames of Life blog is one of them. Yes, at least one of my passions is checked! For sure, I’m a few steps closer to my purpose.

Stuck in the Asian’s habit of a rat race, the devil advocator is still playing with my mind.

“Quick. Get a job, get the money, get the security, and get the face-value that you do have a dream job that flies you to the moon. Don’t worry if you are not totally in loved with what you do, just reinstate that #ilovemyjob on social media just like everyone does. You’ll get used to it over time.”

NO – These are superficial, especially at the possible expense of making others feel worse off. Covering up deficit sides is just not me.

“I do not live for others. I live for me, with full honesty. All I ever wanted is to be humble and be happy.”

The question is, will I truly be happy following the devil’s advocate? I used to spend 36% of my weekly hours working, equivalent to 12 hours of each week day. Sometimes even more if I were to dedicate hours on work travels. On the plus side, it will be worthwhile if I love what I do that I’m willing to work for free. On the other side, it will be hell if I’m only working for the sake of money at the expense of my happiness. Don’t get me wrong – having a job to make a living is important.  Rushing into any job is not going to be sustainable. My happiness is just too expensive to be compensated.

It’s equally important to have some respect for yourself. Don’t just settle for any job. Settle for the job.

– Passionate Mentor 

It takes time to hunt for the perfect career. Randomly running into any opportunities which we assume will be fine may not always end up the way we imagine. Our life deserves better. Be kind to ourselves.

Coffee, Pollen, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Pollen, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


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