She was as tiny as 6 inches in length when we first met.

Overly excited she twirled into a white fluffy ball to get a heed.

She jumped with her hind legs as high as she could reach,

Like a circus lead to say that she is a special breed.


I fell in loved instantaneously,

Because I knew she is a fated gift.

With a little red bow around her neck, her sparkled eyes, her cheeky smiles,

her pinkish ears that mimic a rabbit, and her frequent greed,

that make me tee-hee.


Everyday becomes a good day,

and tomorrow will be an even better day.

Because she assures us everyday.


It has been 11 years now,

that she is one of us,

As much as she knows us, we know her well too.

She has a lazy ear – on the right,

and she cleans her toes almost every night.

Somehow, no one can beat her sensitive mind.

From a running car engine to a boiling kettle calls,

time of day is no exception at all,

for she knows exactly when to wake us up or bring her out for a walk.


She is a food fanatic, and sometimes a critic,

especially bread happens to make her tick.

She has a unique munching trail I must say,

It can be diagonal or a trail of different turns.

Doesn’t matter how she munches,

when it comes to food she will be the first to chumble.


She is obsessed with yellow rug,

for it means tug-of-war has just begun.

In the city where hunting is difficult,

she doesn’t give up but to choose hide-n-seek.

If there is a chance to take a peek,

a dragon fly, a lizard, or a bee becomes her tossing tease.


As much as she has a playful nature, she also has her fear.

Height is her biggest challenge for she fell once in her baby year.

She learned how to be obedient throughout the years after.

But that doesn’t stop her from being cheeky.

as she is as intelligent as a little monkey.


It is difficult to predict when she plays a poker face.

For she uses her innocence to get what she craves.

She understands all type of languages.

From comprehending and responding to English to Mandarin to Hokkien and to funny gestures we all show to her.

Too much she enjoys communicating with us.

That being around human she feels the comfort.

With that she detests loneliness.

She will be emotional if she has to go through silence.


She knows she is beautiful for certain.

She will hide if she feels she isn’t.

4kg is what she weighs.

A petit size with a head of bull.

With no prejudice, she is determined to stand for her truth.


It will be wrong if we assume she’s simply a dog.

Because for her, she sees any of us as her duo-log.

She is a friend, a lover, a caretaker.

Sometimes even better than a human, I am sure.

Who is she, when people asked.

I said…Genuinely faithful with a heart of gold,

A Westie, Ariel is her name, I introduce to the world.

West Highland White Terrier, Ariel

West Highland White Terrier, Ariel

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