How is the world out there?

She wonders.

It was uncommon in Asia to leave home at young age, because living with parents have always been a convenient option. She wanted to explore the city, that comes with endless possibilities.

Hopping from one place to another for several years, hardly ever complacent, she wanted more. Opportunity arise when she was posted to a foreign land. It didn’t take long to consider.

Two years passed. There are so many people to meet, interesting things to see, to explore, to adapt, to learn, and to be inspired.

It is getting usual for many, flexibly move across borders and work in different cities. She’s one of the fortunate one.

She thought …

Opportunity is around us when we are still breathing.

Travel expands mind.

Living is …freedom.

Life is worth exploring.

How much more out there to explore before we finally call it a home?


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