When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

I log on to Instagram every now and then, looking for inspiration.

It tickles me sometimes, and I salute people who spend extra hours beautifying pictures to be showcased to the world. It’s a full time job to create inspiration for others. Not easy.

At times, I do not see them as inspiration. It can be overwhelming when you are loaded with superficial impressions – too good to be true that I’m not even sure if I could get there. It is depressing…

…when I cannot get what others have.

…when I constantly feel like life is just not good enough.

…when I am competing hard with superficial reality, unknowingly.

…when Instagram is assumed to be my world, and …..


When we stop looking at whats real around us…

…we continuously chase for superficial dreams.

…we waste tears on unnecessary frustrations.

…we forget what real conversation is like.

…we miss out the true joy of being in the moments.

…we lose ourselves into an unrealistic world that doesn’t deserve our attention.

Disconnect to connect if you can.


Imagination Matters




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