How to take your mind off of crazy world?

Painting, seems to appeal to limited group of people. Perhaps it’s the thought of having to be perfect that hesitates one from painting. Perhaps it’s the judgemental world that one is afraid of. Perhaps it’s the criticisms one is fearful of. Perhaps being associated to painting are considered quirky, introvert or unfriendly because one is trapped in his or her own imaginative world. Perhaps they are the isolated boring ones.

Viewing from other perspectives.

When one is young, sketching is perhaps the most basic pursuit, even before knowing how to write an alphabet – agree?

It is the sketch of imagination during toddler years. For the fact that a toddler could hold a piece of pencil and start sketching something, anything; he or she is artistic and it is probably one of the joyous moments parents could ever have. …..

“Wow, this stick works like magic! It spells my mind on this bare white surface supernaturally”

and so curiosity begins, and it goes on… with drawing and colouring of any sort, doesn’t matter what forms they are. It’s just self-intriguing.

Growing too fast, knowledge feeds in along the way. There are infinite complex materials to absorb, synthesise, process, and communicate in a way that one can describe how he or she feels and thinks, with creativity and empathy . Often, it seems words are the only way to dissect complicated thoughts. Therefore, people who are able to write well, do well, and appreciated well.

Writing is a form of art, and so does painting and sketching.

Given the overwhelming world, options are easily forgotten. More so when history of art is intimidating, and the thought of showcasing an art piece can be stressful with judgemental society.

Putting all these aside: Initiating the first stroke just like a little toddler with a piece of brush or pencil and a paper, that stroke could possibly bring one to another imaginative world of his or her own that they wouldn’t even imagine. Perhaps the shape of the first stroke that is point of trigger? Perhaps the colour of that first stroke that reminds one of something familiar at present, past, or even in his or her dreams.

Just like a writer, once a writing journey begins, the writer is pretty much hooked in his or her own world: Sketching or painting beyond imagination, bringing mind off of the crazy hectic world, concentrating at present, what’s in front of us to where we imagine to be.

Drawing & Painting

Ready for a New Inspiration

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