Persistence is Power

Ushered the year with a string of hopes.

It’s unlike used-to-be when there were Top 10 new goals.

After years of hustle she enters a juncture.

A realisation of life that is only half-lived.

Some people admit to life as it is.

Routine is all right for it provides tranquillity.

No risk, no headache, but just peace,

to what is worth for another half life to visit.

“Why are we here?”, her inner thought asked.

“Living life as it is, or making one to celebrate?”

It’s a frequent question that put us on a tightrope:

It’s an easy life, we shall pick to perpetuate;

It’s a hard life, we shall pick to conquer;

If it’s colourless, do we still have time to regenerate?

No pain, no gain that’s what people say.

Decision is up to individual anyway.

One thing for sure that they have in common,

courage is required across any conclusion.


So many dreams, so little time.

Too many goals of course take a longer time.

It’s time to review and take one step at a time,

especially on priority that has long chimed


Regret and procrastination will get us nowhere.

Neither do blames, comparison nor bitterness will bring us somewhere.

Forget the world for a second to focus on self,

with open arms we accept that everyone’s life is different in any how.


Be fortunate that today we are still alive.

It’s the matter on how we choose to spend the next half life.

Make it safe, make it boring, or make it impactful,

as long as it’s purposeful, according to “you”.


Doesn’t matter if it is a goal from the past,

for years have gone didn’t mean expiration has come.

Persistence is power if we learn to honour,

it is the only way to carry goal forward.



Thinking out Loud

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