Superficial : Expectation vs Reality

Gone are the days when Internet is a value-added option to our lives. It is now one of the necessities of life. With increasing apps creation, society is encouraged to become more superficial than ever.

Physical interaction is gradually being replaced with virtual interaction. Talking is replaced with texting (it is no wonder voice calls are no longer a key purchase criteria of a telco plan). Having presence acknowledged has a lot to do with how many “Likes” gained over social media in an instant, not necessary from how interpersonal skills are shaped over time in person. In other words, everyone is now a judge of others and they are impatient. Rating at schools or workplaces do not really matter because they take up too much time and effort – Resilience becomes less of a priority and short-cuts are more important than learning via practices.

It is a need to be acknowledged. Physical appearance is more important than physical interaction. People take effort into learning how image filters work to look good instead of learning about empathy in response to real surroundings. Self-reflection on a mirror has over taken self- awareness. Meaningful conversation becomes a chore instead of an enjoyment.

“How are you?” is just a metaphor, doesn’t mean there is an interest in knowing how you really are.

It is more of a nightmare for them if social media KPIs are not met.

It’s scary to see how superficial society has become. Broadcasting modified self and stories to the world, just to gain popularity, social acceptance according to them, and stimulate temporary positive emotions, doesn’t matter if it’s empty deep down inside. Being superficial is a way to protect self-esteem on the forefront, at least for them.

There is an influx of topics about how easy students and employees calling for a quit these days without even trying. Resilience is difficult, so they say.

Meaningful two-way communication has become more challenging, because younger generation is not well-equipped to handle confrontation, and to own up to mistakes. 

What does responsibility means today?

How does sensitivity to others works?

Who is real and who is not?

Are you real?

Will superficial ever rule the world?

Gray skies are just clouds passing over

“Gray Skies are just clouds passing over.” – Duke Ellington

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