I came across this truly inspiring video of Ellen meets Motivational Speaker Jay Shetty this morning, talking about gratitude. I thought this is a pretty good share.

We are constantly swamped by pressure others impose on us that we have forgotten the importance of feeling gratitude or even courtesy towards others (even a simple smile) in our daily life. Mostly we let out bursts towards ourselves and others, as means to relieve stress we encounter. Unknowingly, these bursts gradually create negative vibes – vibes that are capable of contaminating our lives over the long run.

Only when we manage to catch a breather with the perfect mood is when we thought of gratitude. When would it be, considering we face more stress than perfectly good moments? More so when we have been feeding and accumulating negativity in us? By the time we realised, we’ve drained all our energy on unproductive thoughts – It would be too late to retract what we said, remove scars we caused on others, and hoping for forgiveness.

The truth is….all these happened to us, or they could be happening now; we’re just unconscious.

It’s not too late to start practising gratitude, constantly reminding ourselves on how we’ve come this far – for being who we are today?

We can start appreciating all the positive thoughts that have brought us this far.

…Be thankful that we are still living.

…Be thankful that we have someone to love and be loved.

…Be thankful that we are not alone.

…Be thankful … …

even if it’s a small gratitude.

For these cumulative gratitudes would make us a happier person.


Photo by Brigitte Tohm 

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Mostly we let out bursts towards ourselves and others, as means to relieve stress we encounter. – isn’t this the truth. Trying to show more conscious gratitude to friends and family nowadays – it’s amazing how rare it is to have someone actually say ‘i’m so glad i have you’!

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