Speak with your heart.

We are all curious beings. We want to connect, to learn, to exchange, and to share at the fastest speed. We have not placed much importance on how we derive to information as long as they flow quickly to fulfill our curiosity needs.

Whilst digital era makes almost everything so easily possible accompanied by access to information with just a click away, element of human touch is still vital in contributing to overall experience. It’s not Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is not up to speed – It’s more of the learning, reasoning, and self-correction behind AI that are generally managed by machines. While some argued that human touch is integrated just because machines are programmed by human – computer systems are just not human enough to have a conversation.

How many times have you been put off by computer generated responses on a customer care hotline? Wouldn’t you wish to speak with someone who could resolve your concerns with human understanding?

Fulfilling curiosity is not just limited to binary form. Having a conversation in person is not to be underestimated. Having said that, it does not mean ‘any conversation‘, but a conversation that comes with human reasoning, honesty, personalisation, transparency, and warmth that are capable to enhance our experiences in connecting, exchanging, sharing, and learning with others to make a difference. Have a thought.

Speak with your heart.

speak with your heart



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