Accept im[p]erfection.

We are taught to be the best for it has more to offer. Praises and rewards come along when we succeed, and none when we fail. The classic conditioning phase is exactly what perfectionists go through every single day, ie: being conditioned to strive for perfection in order to attain materialism. They set high expectation on themselves and towards others. Subconsciously, they neglect other parts of their life, just for the sake of upkeeping high standards. They forget how fun is like. They forget how happiness feels like. Most of the time, they are lonely.

Take a breather.

Accept imperfection.

Accept that we are only human and susceptible to making mistakes.

Accept that whilst it may not be always be perfect, at least we have spared some empathy to ourselves and towards others.

Forgive ourselves, pace ourselves, as well as provide gratitude and space to ourselves so that we could experience life to the fullest.

Imperfection is when we learn.


Photo by Will Turner 

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