Starting from somewhere.

Challenges remained a mystery until we encounter them. We are intrigued by how capable they are in shaping us.

Precious learning derives from individual experience, especially those that come with heightened difficulties. It’s when we fall hard that we learn laboriously to stand up again; or we never will when phobia checks in.

The past few months have been tough – I am still recuperating. At first, it was all the talks of what, how, who, when, and where. Because I was curious, because I was overthinking, because I am obsessed, and more all because I haven’t tried, my gut lifted me from comfort zone to attempt the unknown, subconsciously.

It’s true that no one would have known or could have guessed the after-effect until one joins the stride.

Do it. See it. Feel it. What others have to say has little to no influence over our experience, except creating unnecessary fear and doubts in us.

It takes a strong mind to eliminate noises. It takes courage to confront challenges. Instincts help us along the way. Here we are, patting our shoulders that we are starting from somewhere, at least.

We put ourselves in the unknown. We rely on hopes and dreams to keep us moving forward. With hopes come expectations. With expectations come commitments, and commitments reinforce expectations.

Alas, not all after-effect are favourable. Needless to mention …challenges that are beyond our control. We’ve started from somewhere, and we’ve failed. How do we restart all over again, from somewhere, with faith?


Photo by Josh Boot 

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