What’s your purpose?

A short animated film that garnered up to 79 million viewers on YouTube published by Southeastern Guide Dogs organisation, this video highlights how their dogs save the day, everyday for people with vision loss, and veterans with disabilities.

If you have not watched this film, you’re missing out a big part of life learning, beyond the purpose enunciated in this film Southeastern Guide Dogs – Canine University

‘Frantic world’, made up of booming multinationals especially in this part of Asia, cross-border mix of multi-talented and diverse individuals, competitive arena, individuals’ desire to climb and hence to please…

Amidst pursuing dream, you read, listen, follow the rules, and play it safe according to how superiors or organisations set them. Sometimes, it undermines your potentials as to how smart, passionate, efficient and effective you are versus others – rules are just rules. Those who adapt, stay. Those who can’t, leave. It is that inflexible. As long as you’re credible and adored in the eyes of people who have set the rules, you’ll be given a path.

It is no surprise when you witnessed the rise of entrepreneurs and the loss of many talents in reputable organisations in recent years. Because there are way too much hurdles for them to deliver their purpose in a bureaucratic world.

What about you?

Are you doing what you are passionate for?

What’s your purpose?

Are you serving your purpose in what you do? Or serving others purpose?

The hero-dog in this video is one to be admired. It has a strong sense of purpose, to save the day, everyday for people in need. Even the Canine University did not agree in the beginning, the hero-dog keeps and follows its passion and purpose. It continues to serve its purpose, with or without a graduation.

passion & purpose

Photo by Ian Schneider


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