Confrontation dilemma.

Forces from the top, squeezing from the bottom, squashing in between.

We wish we could break free from this suffocating intensity. Mind plays up – a thousand possibilities, a million imaginations, but there are just wandering thoughts.

How could they?

Why is this happening?

How did they not appreciate my honest intention?

Again and again, like a never ending spinning wheel.

Emotions stirred, yet not diluted. Like a beer that froths, it’s a matter of time when they spill.

There are so much to say, yet challenging to convey.

What are the risks? What’s the worst that could happen if I do or I don’t?

Confrontation dilemma. 

To say or not to say? It’s happening because we care. We have feelings and equally thoughtful for others. That’s why we are deliberate in every movement we take in reaching a closure. It’s completely fine to feel this way.

Still, it’s crucial to stay true to ourselves by standing to what we believe. At the same time, listening to others’ beliefs to understand crevices in between. Because confrontation involves emotions, being objective and respectful to others are key in deriving at resolution without damaging a good relationship. Step back as needed. There is no harm to revisit.

Confrontation requires thinking, planning, and courage. Not everyone is capable to take confrontation professionally. It’s a learning that can only be reaped over practices. The better we prepare, the more confident we are in handling complex confrontation. It’s better to confront than to quietly live with false assumptions.


Photo by Nik Shuliahin 





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