Satisfaction that counts.

After weeks of being under the weather, I finally set my foot back on the treadmill this morning. Snoozing thrice from 7am to 7.10am to 7.20am across two mobile phones, kicking myself up involved putting an end to the last scene of my dream, and raising my feet in the air for a quick blood rush to the brain. “Get up, it’s now or never. The pain of regrets later is going to hurt even more.” – I murmured with my eyes shut.

2.7km in 20 minutes, made it just in time to work amidst rush hour. It was a struggle with heavier breathing rotation this time. Better than never, at least I got there. I was exhausted, but the continuous sweat that swept through my body made me feel good. My focus at work today was immaculate!

What’s more?

Now cardio, and tonight I’ll be back for more – Pilates Mat: Flex and Stretch.” – I thought.

A class that I’ve taken a rest for six months, I can’t wait to get back on my mat, and of course, my inspirational instructor. How often do we get enticed with workout classes in the evening after a workout session in the morning, all within a day? – Hardly ever a perfect storm achieved between mood and commitment – Lucky for me.

Morning run, checked.

Focus, 100%

Evening pilates, checked. 

Regrets, 0%

Soreness of muscles was felt, but for a better outcome.

It wasn’t the physical run and pilates that are difficult to handle or painful muscles after, it’s the mind willpower to push my determination forward in taking action that is the most challenging.

It’s the satisfaction of feeling good, both mentally and physically that count. 

back on track

Photo by Maryna Yazbeck 

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