I am a resilient woman.

I neither expect abundance of love, nor less love. It’s just confusing to encounter unproportional love.

I used to think I am weak, susceptible to all sorts of emotions and deserved less. All because I couldn’t comprehend and withstand the nature of tears cooking up in my eyes in times of trouble.

We are what we think we are.

It’s not my decision to be a woman, but I don’t see why a woman should be any less of a man.

I have cold-storaged criticisms from biased thinkers. I ignore people who intentionally try to bring me down, and dedicate my attention to those who care. I respect all living things with hope to receive the same.

Loudly, I cry when I couldn’t express how I feel.

Unsuppressed, I laugh when I made mistakes.

Confidently, I accumulate pride just like any other beings.

Proudly, I celebrate when I succeed.

Persistently, I compete like everyone deserves.

Courageously, I protect my opinions without warrant.

I cherish all those journeys of happiness and sadness.

In all fairness I thank those who supported me forward.

It would be wrong to feel I have a mind of a man that trapped in a woman’s body.

It is only right to say that I am a resilient woman.

“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior” – Socrates


Photo by averie woodard 


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