Take for granted.

Take for granted’ is an easy phrase and it is also an easy action to take.

According to Collins’ English Dictionary, it means to take advantage of without due appreciation.

We witness this in our daily life but was not further magnified out of respect given to relationships – Relationship with friends, relatives, and families. Moreover, advantage is happily taken because it’s just so easy to take than to give.

Just ride on the boat since it’s already sailing. Why not?

It is so easy to assume that the one who has always been there will always be there.

The one who has never been there is always thought to be the most considerate. How is that possible?

Despite mathematically illogical, the lack of love and constant thoughts given for the one who has never been there continuously blind us from appreciating the present love showered by people next to us. The uneven expectations imposed can only draw people who truly care, away.

Undermining people who truly care comes from habit of taking these people for granted until it is no longer unconditional love.

“Patience has its limits, take it too far and it’s cowardice.” – Holbrook Jackson

Giving and receiving coexist since trade existence throughout records of human history. Having said that, it’s necessary to differentiate words and commitments for they are two different terms. It’s easy to buy one’s heart with poetry, but to rob someone’s actionable effort is a misdeed.

appreciation, two way

Photo by Andres Haro 



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