It was three months ago since I last saw you. Humorously, you made jokes out of serious moments we used to experience. We didn’t know why we laughed – They were not that funny before. Today, they are snippets of archives that I could occasionally call to mind.

We saw it coming, but did not expect as soon as a blink of an eye. I wish we had more time to say goodbye.

To be in control is overstated. We can only do our best in handling situations with all our mighty capabilities for the best outcome. Despite that, it doesn’t put us in control. External forces are ungovernable, mostly unpredictable. When they hit us, they hit hard.

Promises are overstated. Undertaking is no longer permanent, they are situational bound, according to whoever who has the last say… .

A hundred what’s, a thousand why’s – all because…

Action without emotion leaves us speechless.

Shock waves leave us clueless. 

Dark heart keeps us ponder.

Blank mind keeps us wonder.

Complicated, cold, and ruthless. I can only watch from afar, and feel with empathy.

You may not be the best person I ever worked with.

Certainly, you’ve left a mark somewhere along my journey.

I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.


Photo by Chris Leipelt 



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