What would you say about laziness?

Spotted a woman at the gym who just completed her workout. She then made a phone call – specifically to instruct her helper in cleaning up her workout mess. This includes rolling up used mat and placing dumbbells back on shelf.

The question is: Why bother working out in the place?

Laziness is a disease.

Forget vision, forget mission, forget objectives – Any possibility ceases if laziness is considered as part of the equation. It is a waste of life, as well as time and effort of others who care.

It is easy to see.

Lazy culprits masked their true self by asking many questions, stacking barriers just to buy a little more time. Despite many answers shared, none seems to work out for them. Except, if someone volunteers to do it on behalf, or short-cuts as means to get things done. A simple math was made complicated, all driven by laziness.

“Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails.” – Robert Half

With brain, arms, legs, and being equipped with education and experience in this modern society – What good are those if we are not actively engaging, thinking, and doing something great for ourselves, others, and society?


Photo by Jean Sabeth 

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