Sitback and unwind.

Day in, day out. Clock in and clock out running similar errands every single day. Even a playful little puppy has started to show sign of disinterest.

We know where we are heading. Nonetheless, routine is not a choice – it’s just killing us to keep going without concessing motivation. Having a goal is pretty cool; a pride we hold dear to ourselves. At least, we have a dream. Yet, one that is far reaching can be lethargic.

Break it down —

Keep vision in mind and dissect goal into multiple short-term objectives. Address them one at a time; treat them like mini milestones. Reward ourselves when each mile is attained.

We are committed, we are dedicated, and therefore we deserved it.

Slowly but surely, the mini victory rewards we give to ourselves are the ones that gradually and continuously put our momentum on fire. Before we know it, the goal is just right in front of us.

Henceforth, thank yourself for all the hard work for the month, week or even today. It’s time to show gratitude and be kind to yourself. Sitback and unwind.


Photo by Alex Bertha 

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