A predestined escape.

Three months of anticipation, who would have thought the getaway plan we have been waiting for came not the way we wanted to be, yet with a little twist.

We literally got everything packed up to embrace humid summer for the next 2 weeks, ready to fly on the 9th August when a concerned friend texted about the unexpected earthquake that happened in Taiwan. In conjunction, we received a flight postpone notice from the airline company at 9 hours just before departure due to forecasted Typhoon Lekima that might hit the island. What a nightmare!

We’re uncertain if the 12 hours flight delay was a good resolution at all. Fear of safety over a shortened trip, we decided to move the entire trip till next year.

Three months of striving at work just to make our adventure more meaningful and deserving. There we were, 12 days of applied work leaves with absolutely no plan at midnight –We’re supposed to be at the airport in 5 hours.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

For the first time ever across the island, we swiftly cooked up another holiday destination with similar travel hours – Perth, Australia.

From rebooking our flight tickets, accommodations, car hire to detailed itinerary and repacking for winter season for down under, we have them all in less than 5 hours. There was no time to waste. We were so in the mood and totally on fire. It felt so good to be efficient, decisive, and take control on personal agenda, not just professionally. We thank technology that complemented us along in accomplishing so much in less time.

In less than 24 hours, we were at the airport, up and going again. Forgoing a day, at least we did not lose the rest with this turnaround.

Here’s a picture of our road trip’s first-stop after a 2-hours drive taken at the Lancelin Sand Dunes. With such perfect weather, what more can we ask?

Indeed, a predestined escape!

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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