Keep going.

When we were young, parents encouraged us to take baby steps in any possible encounter. Be it to sit, to crawl, to stand, to eat, to play, or to speak – we attempted them all  with courage. Parents gave us keys to experience ‘the world‘.

The world‘ is colourful and openly fascinating.

For many years we were taught and advised at all angles. We developed principles and beliefs as we grow. Up to adolescence years when we earned our wings, we yearned for complete freedom to find ourselves, thinking we have mastered the formula to life – We don’t.

There is no right or wrong in what we do. We experience life as it comes. Good times make us proud, down times make us frown. Parents nurtured us with foundation built from their experiences and profound unconditional love; friends advice us based on what they’ve learned and heard. There are no ready solutions to all problems that exist. The ball is in our court to kindle our creativity.

Alas, days are not always rosy. On the positive side, down time doesn’t mean ‘end of world‘.

It’s easy to turn to others for help. Anyone we can feasibly find that we have forgotten the one who can truly make it happen – Ourselves

Do what you love” is commonly heard. The upside of achievement is celebration. When challenges hit the roof, we keep going.

Listen up, open up, be wise in picking advices that are relevant. We are our own decision maker.

Be creative with knowledge, observation and experiences we learned in life. Be bold and brave to trust intuition, for we are the ultimate motivator in achieving what we love doing, eventually.

keep going

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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