Appreciating others stories.

Two years of waiting is rock tough. Not that we didn’t try, we lost count of tries. Every month we hit the reset button, looking forward to new hopes and dreams.

It would be impossible to make others understand. Such complexity, neither we can.

Physically tiring, mentally draining.

If you’re asking “When could be us?“, it’s possible that you are naive.

If you’re bragging about a life topic we couldn’t have, it’s possible that you are too full of yourself.

A society compositing of people from various backgrounds facing different challenges everyday and having own stories, it takes time to digest curiosity towards others stories. Likewise, it would be insensitive to assume everyone is interested in ours.

Listen, observe, be curious, and less unnecessary blabbing. Only through appreciating others stories that we can learn to establish sensitivity towards others.


Photo Credit: Nick Wilkes

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