If not now, then when?

Unhooked all clothes from wardrobe, I squashed them into three big sacks. The rest, I placed them into boxes. “Not much, thankfully.” Few rounds of rushes, I squeezed them in my ‘little local beetle‘ ride. Didn’t take much effort for an independent girl to move three times in two years, moving from one place to another, renting a ten by ten room.

Thirty minutes, I arrived at this above-average apartment surrounded by dark green leafy trees. Uptown, beautiful and definitely homely. Here for the first time, I met this pretty, vibrant, and flawless looking young lady. She gave me a big smile and vividly I remember she said, “Medium room and we have public facilities that you can enjoy. Just $500 and you can call this your new home. Come on in, I’ll bring you through.” The rest is history.

Since then, we became friends for over a decade.

Lack of confidence, serious, and also known as the career-minded girl, I was known as a mundane person – lack of excitement in life until …I met her.

She forced me into Karen Millen dresses and showed me all reasons I should be proud of my curves. Her mature, bold, and transparent nature encouraged me to face realities of life. Not a big fan of fairy tales, she talked me into speaking up my mind and laugh out loud like there is no other. Wild and free, we fell in loved with dresses, bold make-ups and parties without restrictions. With candor, highs and lows between us were unavoidable.

The footprints we both left for each other were significant, in no doubt I remember her.

Life moves on with split juncture, we haven’t stopped keeping in touch. Residing on the other side of world, she came back last month. We reconnected after six years without hesitation although catch up lasted for just less than three hours.

‘There is no rush for sure.” We’ve lost count of seconds, minutes, and hours every day, so much that we have taken time for granted. Years passed…

If not now, then when?


Photo by: Frames of Life Blog

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