Craving for love.

The four baby birds that chirp loudly striking for attention often confuse their mother if love can ever be enough.

Was it too many baby birds to provide undivided attention? Or was it because they are all demanding children? The first will always be the first. The last will always be the precious. The middles are left neither nor and out of the middles comes the odd.

The odd can only wonder all possibilities and mostly …”Have I not made you proud?

The odd can only assume that it was her fault for not living up to expectation. The thought if she’s a ‘she‘ that disqualifies her kept haunting her mind.

Years passed.

With mighty tries and dedication, with tears and embarrassment, and despite how disinterest and foolish others thought of her, she explored the unknown.

Even when the world chose not to believe in her, she promised to persevere in finding a breakthrough.

The clock is still ticking. Challenges have come and gone. The unknown are now the known.

She is still procrastinating. “I saw myself up there. Did you see me?

I wish you were proud of me.

I wish my milestones meant something to you as much as they are for me.

I wish you saw my existence as much as I see yours.

I wish you knew that I’d craved for your love from the day I was born. 

craving for love

Photo by Nick Fewings 


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