Making the impossible possible.

The constant bickering about what’s right and wrong, I no longer bother.

I said it a hundred times, but yet it still matters.

Why countless time was spent justifying decisions we’ve made? After all our instinct tells us to “just go ahead“.

A light of thought,

carried off by doubts.

Excitement or anxiety?

There is no certainty.


The heart says yes,

the world says nae.

For what reason?

Absence of precedent is what they say.


Fear of judgement, fear of contempt.

Cold splashes from all angles are non exempt.

Inclination to back off.

Tenacity to push forward.

They are back-breaking we can only imagine.


“Impossible” is an end if we say it’s an end.

Possibility comes only by art of making.

So what the constant bickering?

So what if wrong decision is made?

At least we’ve tried making the “impossible” possible.


Photo by Jill Heyer 





















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