Then and now.

It was just by luck I randomly picked up a drama series advertised on television and instantly got hooked. I started searching on the line of casts when I came across a short interesting video. It was a short clip of an actor’s sharing about his five-years career milestone since he started in Shanghai Theatre Academy. “Unbelievably, even an actor reflects his past to present.” – I concur. Check out how he has become today【张彬彬×最初】

Demanding world. Undeniably, it is challenging to satisfy others, not to mention fulfilling our own self-imposed expectations. How often do we take a step back in reflecting what we’ve achieved so far, and how much more potential we could maximise, in order to be where we deserved?

From past to present, from then and now.

It’s often a desire to make challenges comfortable. That makes us feel powerful.

When they do, they are addictive that we have to come back for more. Embarking into new set of challenges keeps our mind going. The more challenges we encounter and overcome, the more mature we become. Failures are times when we truly learn our lessons. By the same token, practice makes perfect.

As soon as routine is felt, complacency kicks in. Certainly, keep doing what we do best makes us an expert. Except,

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”― Ronald E. Osborn

Easier said than done.

Being a subject’s expert, a go-to person and being looked up to, as opposed to being a newbie – what’s best for us now and for the future, decisions are in our hands. Narrowly looking into what we do every day makes us obsessed with the current. Didn’t we realised that what we see at present is just a drop of the ocean?

To conquer the ocean is utmost impossible. To sail through various ocean areas gives us new perspectives.

To station at present is as frightful as waiting for waves to wipe us off. 

Reflecting then and now is when we see the light on how strong we’ve become and what weaknesses we recognised to overcome. Holding tight to what we’re good at doesn’t make us any stronger. Instead, letting go in making space for new learning makes us wiser. Who knows, the new learning could be the key to overcoming our weaknesses someday.

It’s all up to us.

then and now

“When we succeed someday, always remember how we first started.” – Frames of Life Blog

Photo by Gary Butterfield

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