Courage is in us.

The life we see of others, are they real?

More often than not, there is tendency in us to worship others, for others own what we don’t. Silently, we whisper in our mind, “If only I have it too.” But we hardly ask ourselves, “Is this what I always wanted? If yes, then what am I doing about it?”

It is easy to get carried away by our admiration towards others, or shall I say envious?

Having a benchmark is always good to test our boundary. Nevertheless, the biggest competition lies within ourselves, not with others.

“If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It makes you better.” – Andrew Whitworth

Whilst careful thoughts are necessary in achieving what matters in our life, pro-longed thoughts can bring more loss than good. This is especially relevant when opportunities do not come by very often. Most of the time, we question ourselves repeatedly about how ready we are in facing challenges, and create far-fetching imaginations in preparing ourselves for the worst. Subconsciously, we generate excuses for our laziness and cowardness.

Instead of welcoming challenges, we got ourselves stuck in the realm of procrastination, solving puzzles in our head instead of making things happen. When opportunities passed, we kick ourselves for others’ success, blame others, and defend ourselves with imaginative experiences – “Actually, I’ve thought about it much earlier.” or “I told you so!” Unfortunately, they don’t prove us any better. More so, they deposit regrets into our pocket.

Inevitably, doubts are always in us – The little devil and the little angel: From whom shall we take advices from?

Courage is in us. 

Proactively, we share our dreams and ambitions. With this, we build passion.

Intuitively, we trust ourselves to take charge in what matters to us. With this, we build self-belief.

Pragmatically, we get our hands dirty in experiencing challenges. With this, we build credibility.

Boldly, we claim what we deserve, and pick up from where we failed. With this, we build courage.

“Moss that is concentrating on being green.” – Jeanette Winterson

Photo by: @framesoflifeblog

3 thoughts on “Courage is in us.

  1. Thank you for this post! There are a lot of great reflections in it, and the concluding sentence is especially well put: “Boldly, we claim what we deserve, and pick up from where we failed. With this, we build courage.” That’s quote-worthy on its own 🙂

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