How much better we can be?

Often we are caught in the paradox of how good we are to what we can possibly achieved. Convincing ourselves on how good we are and yet not downplaying competition are complex balances to manage.

Self-generated positive belief is necessary in generating courage to face challenges. It is not that we are over-confident. Instead, it’s the motivation we could at least initiate for ourselves. Besides, how could we possibly put ourselves in risky situation without being ready?

We all learn through operant conditioning to follow rules, or to refrain from following them (Poling, Schlinger, Starin, and Blakely, 1990). The higher the confidence level and expectation we put to ourselves, the greater the impact we expect in case of fall. That is why not many are willing to take up risky challenges.

Not overestimating, not underestimating – Ideally, a good balance.

We are good. We can be better.

This statement says a lot about the slightest confidence that exists within ourselves, yet believing that there is always room for improvement. This is pivotal as it plants courage in us, yet prepares our mind that we can be better if we achieve victory, or we can try again if we fail. It is a mean to an end, not an end itself that continues to keep us moving forward.

“One can never be a master to everything.” – Frames of Life Blog

Even Lewis Hamilton , who recently won six world championship titles, and one of the most successful drivers in the history of sports is humble to believe that he can still be better despite knowing how good he is. With that, he sets an inspiration to all of us.

So, how much better we can be?

Let me know what you think. X


“How much better we can be?” – Frames of Life Blog

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