The best motivator.

When we’re young, accomplishment grants us applauses from people before us. Praises make us feel good; praises make us proud. As we grow older, compliments rarely come by. Does it mean that we no longer excel in what we do?

Most parents would love to believe that their children are ones in a million. Talented individuals who will soon take over the world. Every little achievement comes with big prizes. That include expensive education and lifetime security investments. Sad to say, what’s given are usually not appreciated. Children used to depend on parents until they earn wings to fly. Unconditional love was misunderstood as conditional. There after, any question is seen as interrogation; any advice is seen as annoyance. Unfortunately, interrogation and advice can come across as imperfections – “Shield Up!

On one hand, the lack of parents’ involvement as we grow older makes compliments less relevant. On the other, intense competition in real world becomes what matters. Those who stand out from crowd are the true winners. Unlike before, there is no big prizes for every little accomplishment. Amidst fierce challenges, there is no cuddle for failures.

The wings we yearned to have, we have it now. The ‘independent’ badge – why are we so hesitant to go all out for it?

Truth to be told:

We are our own cheerleader. Despite big or small win, throw a pat on our shoulder for that courage step forward.

Even if we fail, we are the best motivator we can find.

Be humble, acknowledging parents advice doesn’t make us any weaker. Besides, they’ve experienced more than us to deserve some point of view. The art of listening is a good skill to master, and having additional fans who care about us is better than none.

Most of all, it’s time for us to give back to society. Be supportive and generous to people after us, the future generation whom we once used to be. We’ll never know how we could change others’ life by appreciating and complimenting others success.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha


Photo by Clark Tibbs 

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