Motto of 2019.

10 days to 2020.

19,530 words written excluding this piece.

This year, I have taken the “go for it” approach. Ambitious with big dreams yet laying low, feeding my knowledge hunger through observing and active listening to others, as much as spreading thoughts with people around me. ‘Give and take ‘, a simple metaphor with substantial meaning. More and more, Frames of Life Blog has become part of my life.

Though fierce waves hit the shore every now and then, unpredictable frustrations can be put gracefully into polite words. Writing poetically tames me down. Complemented with research and learning from other bloggers, writing made me explore alternative ways in expressing my fiery thoughts, not necessary passing exasperation to readers.

Started the year with energised positivism, I couldn’t help but actively absorbing positive inspirations from wise confidants. Younger, similar, or older peers from all walks of life, even a child’s perspectives can be larger than life.

Sustaining positive spirit requires tremendous amount of effort. Resetting mindset when motivation runs low, deliberately keeping a distance from pessimists, filtering polluted noises from entering pure mind, and to find positive side to every negative. A competitive world, it was not an easy ride combating subconscious enviosity towards others out of passion, not to mention attracting jealousy and hatred from others. It was a wild wild life.

“Passion, can quickly slip to jealousy, or even hatred.” – Arthur Golden

Among the string of goals I’ve pegged since the beginning of year, only half were accomplished. The months of wait in the first half that led to nothing, unexplained causes, and demanding hopes just to be let down. Month by month, crushed after crushed, self-resetting, listening to everyone who seems to know best, putting up pretentious smile despite deep sorrow and most of all, swallowing the constant brushing in from others — I could barely acknowledge how I felt mentally and physically.

Until that one fine day in June. My other half and I decided to get out from this rat race life of ours. Looking at the brighter side, we decided to venture in what’s best in us, instead of focusing on what we do not have. We agreed that we cannot have everything we wanted, the way we wanted, and at the timeline we wanted. Life goes in many directions. Surely there are other goals we could prioritise, whichever comes first. Indeed, we’ve given our best in this chapter and we could dedicate more in our next chapter. Today, there is no room left for regrets but valuable experience to gain and bring forward.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

Ditch procrastination, minimise overthinking, cut noises, and put one’s mind to what’s in front. With determination and support of each other, we impromptuly decided in taking on a new adventure together, abroad. In one month, a new endeavour shall begin.

Reflecting 2019, I am more composed than before. It is an eye-opener for me, that mindset could play such a big influence in life. “Go for it” motto has worked well for me, and will still be part of 2020’s.

A year wiser, and definitely I am ready for more to come. How about you?

“Whatever it is your heart desires, please go for it, it’s yours to have.” – Gloria Estefan

6 thoughts on “Motto of 2019.

  1. Of the maybe ~500 blogs I’ve encountered this year, I think yours is one of the few I identify the most with. I share most of the perspectives and attitudes you write of, and it’s nice finding likeminded people 🙂 even if it is “just” in the blogosphere. For instance you express it perfectly with the phrases: “deliberately keeping a distance from pessimists, filtering polluted noises from entering pure mind” and “Ditch procrastination, minimise overthinking, cut noises, and put one’s mind to what’s in front”. I am sure if you just keep doing what you are doing, the new decade will be great. Best wishes for the new year!

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    1. I am very pleased with your feedback. It is an honour to connect with like-minded bloggers like you, sharing similar thoughts and inspiration. Likewise, extracted from your blog: “Strength is not the same as winning. You can lose and be strong” is one big statement that most people overlooked. Once, I didn’t win in a national competition and it turned out later as a blessing in disguise. The lesson learned was far more valuable than being the winner. Thank you for your assurance and wishing you a very Happy New Year in advanced!

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