Don’t quit.

How many times we’ve stumbled  upon hurdles before we call it a quit? Or have we misinterpreted “hurdles“?

More often than not, we think we’ve got everything figured out, just to be let down by occasional disconnections between plan and reality. Just because plans did not turn out the way we want to them to, changes are assumed as counterproductive instead of being viewed as alternative ways of doing things. No doubt acceptance to change requires effort especially when it comes to ‘unlearn to relearn’ exercises. Nonetheless, this is not a hurdle.

Whilst passion drives obsession, having some room for learning flexibility doesn’t deviate us from main goals. There is no reason to call it a quit out of overwhelming feedback that seems to put us down. Besides, we are the main custodian of own mindset in accepting only worthy feedback, no one else.

In essence, we challenge status quo to generate new thinking. That’s how entrepreneurs are made. We equip an idea with substances in ensuring robustness. We discuss further to polish efficacy. The back and forth thinking and debating do no harm to the original thinking apart from appending assurance and reassurance. Hence, be thankful when receiving feedback from others.

We’ll never know it was that one screw that fails the entire engine unless we explore.

Finally, rejection is not a hurdle but an opportunity for us to bounce back with bolder idea. For sure, if we believe in something, we will go all out to make it true.

Don’t quit.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

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Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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