Living on a blank canvas.

I’ve been away.

30 days since I left Asia. New beginning, new life for my partner and I. It has been an ongoing episodes of learnings since the day we signed up for this new venture. It was just a thought in the beginning – just to get ourselves out there and experience the unknown. With discussion comes interest. There was not a glimpse of possibility we saw that could have come across our mind. Just pure interest.

One fine day, an opportunity came along. In split second, I took it without hesitance.

My partner conquered. In a competitive world like this, does one second of wait counts? We didn’t know, but our instincts hinted that it’s a window to endless possibilities. Just do it, and believe that everything will fall into place, eventually.

It was a crazy “what-if...” thought at first. Stay focused at present while being aware that our goals are there but far-reaching. It was tricky. Impossible thoughts come and gone, we were waiting for that one opportunity and expecting the unexpected.

Living on a blank canvas, there isn’t a concrete plan on what’s next. One step at a time, it’s unlike a dream that we are turning it into full reality. It’s the courage we took in converging dream and reality that landed us here, from waking up at 32 degrees in Asia to 3 degrees in London today. It’s now a learning journey that we are starting to confidently live in. 

blank canvas

Photo by Vineet Sharma 




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