10 reasons to feel grateful.

While life seems mundane or less adventurous at this current period, there are many reasons that are worth for us to feel grateful for. . Beautiful morning awaiting to get us going, how wonderful? Waking up next to loved one, how fortunate? Best homemade coffee and toasts ever served, no queue. Catching up with latest news … Continue reading 10 reasons to feel grateful.

Chasing the soaring waves.

I could still remember the fresh air that breezley touched my face. It was one of the ten days escapade that my partner and I impromptuly decided to venture. We were not supposed to be here; it was supposed to be up north that we had planned for six months. Not that we're fickled, it … Continue reading Chasing the soaring waves.

Old is the new new.

Radio, typewriter, cassettes, rotary dial phone - What do they remind you of? Overwhelmed by digitization, how about taking a few moment to reflect the previous world we used to live in? Go back to the era when they all first started, bring back these memories, and share your knowledge and experience of these used-to-be … Continue reading Old is the new new.

I can go a distance.

Just a couple of hours ago, The Independent UK published that Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £21M in donations for NHS - how extraordinary! For his 100th birthday, the Second World War veteran pledged to complete 100 lengths of walk in his garden, and he accomplished it. Initially aimed at only a thousand … Continue reading I can go a distance.

The book that hooks.

At 24, by chance I joined a local national entrepreneurship competition aired on television. There was neither encouragement nor supporters. People I knew thought I was going to make a fool of myself. I went to the bookstore, bought myself this book, and read it over the week just before the competition. Indeed, Jack Welch … Continue reading The book that hooks.

Learning the hard way.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Attributed to the German philosopher, this quote is probably one of the most effective motivational quotes of all time. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon. Perhaps it's best not to measure life with who and who are born with a golden spoon. Materials … Continue reading Learning the hard way.

The world we are living in.

Do you know that the chinese characters 先生, Mister came from 先 as in 'First' and 生 as in 'Born': First Born? Whereas 夫人, Madam came from 夫 as in 'Husband' and 人 'People' (Ben Whately). In other words, 'people owned by the husband.' For generations in Chinese culture, male is always the first, being … Continue reading The world we are living in.

Unspoken words.

Pastel cotton candy, scattered beneath our blue roof. Bright light pierced through, with rays mistook for thunder. . . Gloomy, sunny, they both enjoy some honey. En passant, we shine at our best color with no boundary. Compose ourselves with the rest of livings, do you agree stunners like us who've championed the beauty?  Photo … Continue reading Unspoken words.