Reset for a brand new world.

Ten years from now in 2030, what will change?

In the end of 2019, we were all looking forward for what the new decade may bring (Motto of 2019).Looking back to what we have learned, looking forward to what we aim in changing, from 2020 forward.

2020, as soothing as the digits sound, was not as soothing after all.

In the beginning of lunar new year, an unknown virus struck China. It was initially called the Wuhan virus, named after the province of where it was originated. The initial whistleblower was taken for granted. The lock-down in China was thought to be a measure of containment to the world. Who would have predicted that it has evolved into a pandemic today. Recorded over 927,000 cases and claimed more than 46,000 deaths worldwide (Worldometers), Covid-19 Coronavirus has put the world on a full lock-down, making 2020 a history to remember.

Who would have thought?

Today, digital takes over as social distancing becomes a part of of life. We used to remind on the importance of social interaction in-person, instead of losing ourselves in the realm of social media. How would this phenomenon changes the way we behave?

Unlike most start-ups, remote working has been a popular topic among big organizations. To trust and provide full liberty to employees, or not? Think no more. It is now official. How would this change the way we work with our colleagues in the future?

With nurseries, schools, and all education institutions on full closure, have we ever imagined impact of remote learning to social life as young as 6 years old? Or the child care corner we used to pledge at work can be reoptionized with balanced working from home schedule?

Staying home and not going out unless necessary are currently the way of life. The lack of time with family members that we used to complain is now reversed with abundance. How do we re-polish our attitude and the way we communicate with our family members so that it doesn’t become disastrous?

Heightened awareness of health, safety and cleanliness on self, at home, and in public has made us more alert than ever. Healthcare systems are forced to think beyond. The world scientists are spending endless hours in cracking for a solution.

Big dogs are pouring funds to save the world. Money is indeed a mean to an end.

Time is precious in preventing more deaths. And yet for some, “When can I fly again?” seems to be the only concern.

With digital and technology, online commerce and social media are proliferating crazier than ever. There are way too much information that’s going on around us that selective listening seems to be the way to go. What measures do we take in helping others to only absorb information that ‘matter’ rather than viral, so that unnecessary toilet rolls fiesta can be prevented?

Given such climate today, online shopping becomes a way of life. Despite fear of killing millions of brick and mortar businesses and jobs, there are in fact greedy commerce players who want to have it all. Totally agree it is the best time, but there are also excessive stocks piling from retail shut down. What implication does it bring to us in the long run?

Coming to mid-2020, a lot have changed and more to be discovered.

Would a new addiction emerge? Or self-realisation in appreciating beauty around us? Selfish or selfless? Unity or division?

Ten years from now in 2030, what will change? It’s the biggest test for us all.

It could be a reset point for a brand new world. 

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”― Richie Norton


Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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