Success will come around.

What goes around comes around” was meant to remind people on the consequences of own actions which will eventually come back haunting for them. Nethertheless, I have a slightly different interpretation.

When I was 23, I took a chance to compete on national television. It was an epic entrepreneurial experience that no one that I could recall was happy to concur.

It was a challenge that I boldly took on my own at the expense of time, effort, and money. Money wasn’t the main catch.  It was more of a personal challenge.

Out of the 14 contestants, I rose to Top 3 over 12 weeks. It was also until then when people I knew started noticing me.

Having said that, I didn’t win. Mostly because I was too naive and big headed. The CEO who chaired the show at that time fired me on national television. “You are fired” was perfectly shot on my face. There is always a price to pay and I knew it. Because of pride, the embarrassment that I felt hung on to me for a year.

No one could have helped me apart from myself. It was easier to blame myself for mistakes done than to be convinced that they were essences to new learning juncture. Worst was when there were hundreds of people blamed for what I did wrong, adding on to the pressure.

What would I do if I was to win the competition?” I don’t know. I suppose I wouldn’t appreciate life lessons as much as I do today. I would have taken life for granted. Anyhow, I accepted that someday victory would return in a way that is larger than just monetary. I haven’t stop striving ever since.

I wasn’t a big fan of the CEO considering that I was fired on national television. Nevertheless, I idolised him secretly because deep down, he was right about me – the mistakes I made, my denials and stubbornness.

The funny thing about human is we all love being right. Being right make us feel clever and powerful.

It was a love-hate relationship. Hashtag: #Life.

A month ago, our country appointed the CEO as our new Finance Minister. Who would have thought after 12 years? He is now in a position to deliver his new assignment for the good of nation. It is a big thing. “What would I do if it was me?” I was screaming in joy when he was elected mainly because I had experience on how trustworthy and capable he is. It is a result of his cumulation of wisdoms. I am honoured that I was once fired by him.

Where I am today is a result of lessons learned from the above chapter and other chapters throughout the years.

Learning the hard way makes life more meaningful, simply because there is an aim and sacrifices required to get there. It is the journey than regret that is appreciative.

What goes around comes around” – I would put it as blessings in disguise. Goals that we fail to achieve doesn’t make us a failure. Instead, believe that it is one of the many chapters that we will encounter again for a bigger return in the future. Success will come around, eventually.


Photo by Frames of Life Blog


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