The one who knows the most.

We develop values and beliefs of our own since adolescent years.  Based on what we learned and experienced, we formed opinions – opinions that we hold dearly to protect. It’s easy to debate over opinion differences at home. Mostly because we expect parents and siblings within a small circle to understand. Having said that, even if we would have won any battles at home, let’s not forget it could be all out of love.

Society, on the other hand can be more unsparing. Putting people with differences in values and beliefs in a larger circle, the level of complexity can be more elaborated. Not everyone is willing to listen, not everyone can accept opinions of each other, not everyone is willing to compromise. Simply because society is made up of unique personalities of the same kind. Same kind, ie: human.

There are many who love to be heard. Being heard makes us feel good, and it elevates our pride to the next level, like a go-to person. More to gain. It’s so easy to get carried away with our ‘self‘. If everyone wants to be heard, who is listening? Who is sparing their cost of time in listening?

We find venues to vent ourselves, but hardly we find venues to hear from others.

The only time we start to hear from others is when we realised no one is listening to us despite stomping feet for attention, or when there is something we know we could gain – Help is what we need is when we start to listen and learn, ie: active listening. Life involves exchanges for the better, since barter system in 6000 bc even before money was invented. That’s the truth.

Values and beliefs form gradually in our life. In fact, they are still developing every day out of life experiences and learning exchanges with others in equation. The only reason they’ll stop developing stems from our attitude. Our pride, our stubbornness, and our eagerness in proving that we are right.

Whilst we may find victory in any relationships, what else have we gained?

The one who thinks he knows the most knows nothing. 

Photo by @framesoflifeblog

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