We all started from somewhere.

Not everyone is born a genius. Everyone has got to start from somewhere.

Although there are many writers who became successful at young age, there are also some who didn’t get famous until they’re in their mid-30s or more. J.K. Rowling is one of them (Famous Writers)

“The only genius that’s worth anything is the genius for hard work.”
― Kathleen Winsor

Keeping that as inspiration, I started Frames of Life Blog in mid-2018 with a dream that someday, my work will be humbly appreciated. Not made for novel writing, I aim to succeed on a different note. First year, 100 followers. Though it’s not a huge achievement, I enjoy connecting with fellow acquaintances who share similar interest.

Honestly, I have not openly share my blog with friends or relatives. In fact, my blog remained discrete to family members. The little child in me believes that I would be a product of laughter to people I knew. Referring to my previous post, I was arraigned many times that further let down is just going to pull me under.

To date, I am disciplined in dedicating writing effort and time. One post a week, at the least. Despite working full time and missing preferred day of the week in publishing my work, I cheer for every successful post.

A little pat is another step forward.

I admire those who achieved over ten thousands loyal readers. Each time when I browse into the ‘reader’ section, inspiration starts mushrooming from these famous blogs. I mean, how do you do that, caliber writers? (if you hear me because I am your follower too).

There is none other than practice, persistence, and dedication in producing great content, isn’t it?

The writer who got famous, started from somewhere too.

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