Chasing the soaring waves.

I could still remember the fresh air that breezley touched my face. It was one of the ten days escapade that my partner and I impromptuly decided to venture. We were not supposed to be here; it was supposed to be up north that we had planned for six months. Not that we’re fickled, it was the unforeseen act of nature that led us here instead. There was a typhoon up north. It took us less than 10 hours to divert the plan at minimum cost.



I could hear the roaring waves, increasing in volume as we drove on the long windy road, hinting us that the real beauty will soon emerge.

It was as though we’re approaching a horizon, chasing after the sun in line with challenging bushes.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sight locked on the breathtaking sunset; the breeze was real. I could still recall my thought at that time, if this would be the perfect place to film a hair commercial. There would be no need for setting up to create both wavy and silky effects, there would be no effort needed. Naturally, the sun and breeze would have done a great job.

Embossing my feet on the granulated-texture sand, crystal cold sea water came splashing over the top, gradually. It didn’t take more than five seconds before my feet sank into clumpy sand.

And I thought.

These waves, no longer ask for permission to land at the shore. They just came.

It’s us who should be watching out for them.

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earth day

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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