10 reasons to feel grateful.


While life seems mundane or less adventurous at this current period, there are many reasons that are worth for us to feel grateful for.


Beautiful morning awaiting to get us going, how wonderful?

Waking up next to loved one, how fortunate?

Best homemade coffee and toasts ever served, no queue.

Catching up with latest news at own pace, no rush.

Accompanied by a favourite book through noon, how relaxing?

An hour call with family from afar, how often?

Some time to practise new skills, how clever?

A little nap wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Spending time with loved ones, puzzles that we never thought of were solved together. 

Reflecting the list of things we’re able to accomplish now than before, since when?


10 reasons, shouldn’t we feel grateful?


Photo by Tim Mossholder 





1 comment on “10 reasons to feel grateful.

  1. Steve Allen

    Very true.. this is the time to do everything you complain you can’t do.. a catch up on life

    Liked by 1 person

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