Confession of a chef’s wife.

Rewinding back to 7 years ago today when I first met my husband, didn’t I forecasted that our first date would transformed into an ‘happily-ever-after’ tag. He wasn’t a chef by profession back then. Well, he was before we met. Not until in 2016 when we tied the knot and immediately our lives took a U-turn upward.

It was an overnight change.

At the beginning, I was on cloud nine uplifted and carried away by the glamorous tales of being a chef’s wife, especially coming from colleagues, friends, family and relatives. Perhaps, I am the most lucky woman alive, whom talent is not required in de la cuisine. The fact that my cuisine skill has always been criticised, perhaps being a chef’s wife seems to be the perfect fit to the overall puzzle. I have no prior knowledge or prepared for any changes that I was soon to encounter.

Passionate‘ is the word I am used to describing myself. I thought mine was undisputable until my husband came along. I have not met any other professionals in my life who is as passionate as a chef. I have no clue about other chefs, but in this context, I am referring to my husband, the most passionate, caring, loving, and most attentive person I’ve ever known.

Conceivably, long hours is the most profound challenge for a chef and his partner, and unfortunately still  underestimated by many.

Pretty much everyday, he reasoned for more hours needed despite fifteen hours of hustling in a day, six days a week. Whilst the world was thinking of the best food I could have luxuriously indulge everyday, mathematically it’s probably only 52 out of 365 days in a year. For that, I have not yet discounted the norms of having daily family dinners, attending friends parties, or participating in special occasions like Valentine’s or Labour days. In a nutshell, I saw less of him with increased celebrations.

Seeing less of each other for newly wed couple like us, there was nothing to blame because it is a fundamental need with respect for career profession. I am neither expecting others to see it from my nor his perspectives, especially when it is still almost impossible for me to view it from his. What’s weekend like for you? How’s dinner like for you? What’s the longest wait you have ever done? 

We seek for advices reactively only to discover that no one else in the world including family could possibly understand what’s best for us,  except ourselves, being in our own shoes. A chef who averagely walked 25,000 steps, serving over 1,500 plates in a day, and absorbing criticisms alongside uplifting customers satisfaction concurrently. It’s kinda big, considering I have not factored in any emotions and overall internal well being.

We are two individuals with polarized backgrounds who aim to integrate our lifestyles as a couple like anybody else. From hours to days to months to years, we gradually adapted each other’s lifestyle, and made rational commitments to our expectations and way of living. From dinner to breakfast as dates, the build-up of transformations throughout the years have made us cherish each other even more than ever. If you asked me how it’s like being a chef’s wife?

Living beyond the norm, being a chef’s wife is indeed an audacious adventure. It is also the most glamorous title I enjoy keeping. 

“The act of love is a confession.” – Albert Camus

Photo Credit: Pollen Sg

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