Lockdown gain.

Since February 2020 when lockdown was about to begin, many were caught up in panic buy of sanitizers, face masks, gloves, cleaning detergents and not forgetting, the infamous toilet rolls tug of war across the world. The hoarding of food supply had also left many wondered if food has its expiry date. Was it a shortage issue that produces have ceased to exist or was it because industries have under-forecasted supply?

Stocking up, piling up and jamming up households with essentials that could probably last for a year, so the general public said. Not sure if food was included as part of this one year equation. Indeed food has its expiry date, which was most likely overlooked under panic circumstance. There is only so much one can eat.

The rush, the uploading of food, and the unconscious munching throughout watching tele. .amidst lockdown.



Are we conscious and wise to balance in between staying in, keeping mind stimulated with learning and physically active?

Coming to the third month now. Apple has recently highlighted that walking activity has declined by 74% since the lockdown.

The question is, what has gained in return? 

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Photo by Jennifer Burk 


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