Landscape Capture

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” - Roman Payne Photo by Frames of Life Blog

Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Since February, we were put into the unknown. For the very first time, we discussed about back-up plans for "what if..." with loved ones. Uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns were easily spelled on faces. Paranoid over worst case scenarios we could possibly imagined, staying positive and strong required a huge amount of effort. Well, that lasted …

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Sirt-miso steamed fish.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Serves: 2 Difficulty: 2/5 Calories (Including 60g buckwheat - raw weight per person): 453 Ingredients 2          Fish fillets of your choice (I used sea bream)50g      Carrots – peeled & sliced70g      Leeks - sliced70g      Red onions – peeled & sliced (half an onion)50g      Celery – sliced (2 medium …

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