The miracle sirt-juice.

It has been two weeks since my last post on Sirtfood journey begins. You might be thinking if my motivation of shredding 3kg still hooks. No doubt, it’s easy to share any remedy almost immediately just like any other bloggers. The question is, does “sirtfood” really works and deserves our commitment? Mr. Chef and I have chosen to experiment it on our own, sharing only when they yield positive results (yes, sirtfood diet worked and hence..)!

How many times have we decided to shred some weight only to realise that our crave for comfort food is that one challenge we couldn’t overcome?

Having relocated from Malaysia to Singapore and now London, food is not just a physiological need but a desire for me. I love food. Counting the days without comfort food is an absolute depression. Comfort food or daily food in this context can be unique to each individual, stemming from bread, lasagna, pizza, cakes or in my case, curry noodles, fried rice, and more Nyonya carbs from Southeast Asia.

Fortunately, Mr. Chef is far more curious to creatively develop a list of comfort food menu, confined to sirtfood diet boundary. Trust me, we all needed the variety of yumminess given there are only a handful of sirtfoods we could play with.

Eat what we love, and shred as we eat.

Meanwhile, we kept to our diet schedule throughout as advised by the sirtfood diet experts. Just for today, we’ll start with the most fundamental element of sirtfood diet as published by Goggins and Matten, the must-have miracle sirt-juice. Here’s the recap from Mr. Chef.


  • 75g kale
  • 30g rocket (arugula)
  • 10g flat leaf parsley
  • 2 sticks celery
  • 1cm ginger
  • 1 half a lemon
  • 1 half a green apple
  • Half a teaspoon matcha green tea


  1. Wash the greens first and strain off the water.
  2. Process the greens through the juicer twice.
  3. Then juice the apples, celery and ginger.
  4. Squeeze the lemon juice and add this to the rest of the juice.
  5. Whisk in the match green tea and there you go, drink within half an hour.

We haven’t missed a single miracle sirt-juice since we started this diet journey two weeks ago #just saying.

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Photo by Mr. Chef for Frames of Life Blog

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