Sirtfood chicken pie.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef The goal of this diet is not to really go on a diet. Instead, we aim to change our eating habits and lose weight at the same time without cutting out food that we love. Eating salads everyday and in small portions can be quite boring and demoralising. We are more … Continue reading Sirtfood chicken pie.

Sirt-miso steamed fish.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Serves: 2 Difficulty: 2/5 Calories (Including 60g buckwheat - raw weight per person): 453 Ingredients 2          Fish fillets of your choice (I used sea bream)50g      Carrots – peeled & sliced70g      Leeks - sliced70g      Red onions – peeled & sliced (half an onion)50g      Celery – sliced (2 medium … Continue reading Sirt-miso steamed fish.