Perseverance in us.

Perseverance, it is in us.

I wasn’t a fan of basketball until the recent release of “The Last Dance” by Netflix. If you have not seen it, please make it your priority.

As legendary Michael Jordan slam-dunked his way in style for Chicago Bulls since 1984, his high self-esteem rose alongside from game to game towards the last dance, at the highest pinnacle. Despite commentary about his talent was beyond human, the pressure he undertook from public in becoming the perfect role model with no mistake expected was inhuman to bear.

Competitive as an individual, dedicated and determined as a student, focused as a team player and visionary as a team leader. Michael Jordan naturally demonstrated all key qualities of a professional sportsmanship. ‘Winning’ was all he’s after, yet he reflected and learned from his failures along the way.

“They can’t win ’til we quit.”

– Michael Jordan

Mentioned by Michael Jordan after winning the 1998 NBA Finals, this quote anchors deeply with the standard of perseverance. In almost every game, he was constantly searching for that ‘something‘ that would ignite the fire in him, fueling him miles further than anyone could imagine.

There are so many admirable principles to learn from The Last Dance, and they are relevant and matter to any individual who strives to succeed in life. Documented since 80s and mainly 90s with present affirmation by all characters involved, very pleased that this documentary is made and aired for the benefit of future generation.

Needless to repeat. Perseverance, it is in us – Find it.

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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