Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Since February, we were put into the unknown. For the very first time, we discussed about back-up plans for “what if…” with loved ones. Uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns were easily spelled on faces. Paranoid over worst case scenarios we could possibly imagined, staying positive and strong required a huge amount of effort.

Well, that lasted for the first month. We soon realised that there was nothing much we could do, except the fundamental need of taking care of ourselves as a mean of taking care of others. There was some level of excitement over the ideas of working from home, being furloughed, or the abundance of hours available in doing things we didn’t get to do before, indoor of course. It was also the best time we could leverage in connecting with friends from afar over virtual calls. Throwing in virtual cocktails was one of the other new norms discovered.

Having said that, some connected, some didn’t.

Tough times. Perhaps there wasn’t much good news to talk about. Staying reticent from relatives and friends could be the best option in gathering our thoughts and sanity. Not surprising considering how media today chooses to fire up bad news than good ones too, dramatising events for more selfish traffic. Pathetic because bad news is more contagious than good ones. Unfortunately, the effect of these news on people was barely considered.

Thinking of the series of episodes since the beginning of year, we tried reasoning with ourselves – who, what, where, when, and how. Then, some got a little too far. In reality, there are infinite answers to a question, depending on how we choose to debate. Many perspectives to consider, the perfect answer subjects to individual’s perception on what’s best.

In a nutshell, there is no ‘one size fits all‘ remedy. There will be compromises, and there will be opportunity costs.

A decision will have to be made.

Dwelling into bad news and digging into unnecessary problems without solutions are suicidal. Truth to be told, environment plays a big part in our lives. Toxic environment leads to depressions, slowly but surely. If life is about a list of problems to solve and constant struggles that are beyond our control, where does happiness lies?

After all these, try counting the times when you’re worried over matters that seem to be alright today. How many jackpots you’ve hit, that you have wasted energy worrying over matters you had little influence on?

Waking up with loved ones next to us, having good health with ability to plan for a walk in the park, enjoying scrumptious meals together, doing some of our favourite hobbies, and most of all, making-do with what we have.  All the bright side of things we can think of, we build positivity. With positivity, we build confidence, and surely with confidence, we build happiness around us and for people around us.

Not everything is as bad as how we envisioned to be.

How about cherishing the now and have faith that rainbow will soon emerge after rain?

Signing off, we can all use some good news.

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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