Cottage by the park.

Writing, sketching, painting... open doors to creative world. "There is room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving pair." - Friedrich Schiller Photo by Frames of Life Blog

Keep writing.

Most would have known that exciting content write-up comes not only from reading and researching but also discovering experiences from both past and present. These learnings gathered made us reflect our thoughts and even expand imaginations towards the future. Alas, amidst pandemic, most of us had no choice but resorted to home-based activities, which can … Continue reading Keep writing.

What I saw.

Pastel blue ground, with touch of smoggy cotton plants. Trees line up in parallel, whilst withered leaves descent gracefully. Bright green, yellow and brown-coloured, like confetti sprawled on the ground. “Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. What you give out … Continue reading What I saw.