2020 what it meant for us?

Just like that, 2020 will be coming to an end in a few more hours. At the beginning, we were all excited about a ‘decade reflection‘ or ‘#10yearschallenge‘, reminiscing what we’re like 10 years ago, compared to what we’ve become today. Honestly, it was a great reflection exercise, and it reminded our story chapters in chronological order, be it bitter or sweet experiences that led us thus far. Thank goodness we’ve made it, and cheers to another 10 years to come, 2030!

With that remark, we’ve run a long list of missions to accomplish, starting with the boldest ones in 2020. What could be more exciting than making 2020, the perfect numeric year to remember? So powerful that the perfect 20-twin decided to strike the year with more than a year-long pandemic.

Like a lightning that occasionally disrupts lifestyle with on and off lockdowns, like tsunami that is capable of wiping off half of the entire population.

Who would have thought, 2020 will be indeed a year to remember, bypassing all the missions we have registered, reaffirming that plans do have high stakes and uncertainties.

For the first time, we witnessed the world being sucked into a dark tunnel where survival basics are essence to seeing the light at the end. Subject to research progress and findings, no one knows exactly how we should best deal with the pandemic. What we know for sure is that it is a potent virus and it is viral. To survive, spread-preventive measures such as physical hygiene, social distancing, and mental discipline, ie: patience, understand, and consideration for others matter. How many could actually adhere?

Perhaps, the term ‘survival basics‘ has enlarged over the years, thanks to better standard of living that has led to disparity between first-world and third-world problems. Travelling, which was a used-to-be luxury is today’s first-world pandemic struggle. In fact, it is debatable today if ‘Love and Belonging‘ and ‘Esteem‘ needs which clearly sit on tier-3 and 4 respectively on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are indeed Psychological needs within Basic needs. So much frustrations vented on government measures in curbing the pandemic with so little consideration in differentiating needs and wants, exerting well-being responsibilities on government than putting up self-care measures. In the end, countries around the world had no choice but to guard-up borders in protecting own people, all reasons why rules and governance still relevant in managing selfish and rebellious individuals.

As much as working from home has been put on trial for many years, it didn’t take long for companies to officiate the practice early this year. A big change to our everyday life in terms of trust and discipline, it also indicates how desperation can speed things up ahead bureaucracy. The way to excel in workforce has indirectly changed overnight. Only crème de la crème, conscientious, or non-complacent employees could pull through. Likewise for those who never believed in online magic have somehow realised its importance more than ever. Those who adapted, survived.

An eye-opener, 2020 has put all of us into real test. Aside from observing which country has the most effective government, cooperative citizens to biggest population clean up, there are so much values worth recognising. If we have taken family for granted, this is the year when longing-for-hug means so much more.

Mom’s cooking seems so much tastier on photographs sent on What’s App than presented on table when we were back home.

Chatting with siblings seems more engaging on Zoom compared to a year ago when we were sat together on a round-table with eyes hooked on screens. Why did we not put our gadget down when we were given chance for a meaningful in-person conversation? What could be more interesting in a gadget than the person presently sitting in front of us?

No doubt, the rise in domestic relationship problems is inevitable amidst pro-longed lockdown and furlough uncertainties. Financial stress to childcare to doubling face-to-face hours with partner have heightened communication skills requirement to another level. 2020 is also the year when all these challenges surfaced have put our relationships to experiment. How deep do we understand our partner, or vice versa? How do we keep each other’s motivation alive? How do we share calculated decisions, responsibilities, and commitments as a team, out-beating the unpredictable hurdles thrown at us? Opening our heart in sharing forgiveness and to level our differences take considerable patience, effort, and time. Not to mention keeping relationship lively and exciting during mundane period is an art altogether!

2020, the big surprise you have brought has completely reset the world. Pulling us back from the carried-away lavish lifestyles to the most fundamental realisations.

The individual resolutions we’ve crafted at the beginning of the year seem so tiny, as compared to the drastic challenges you’ve forced us upon us. For those who failed, they couldn’t help one moment but to get rid of you. For those who succeeded, they have learned so much. Regardless of your intention, 2020, you have vividly reset our thoughts, our priorities, and our dreams.

Therefore, we thank you for the transformation you’ve driven in us, in a glimpse of 366 days. Patience, courage, perseverance, faith, you gave them all to us. A leap year with extra day of lesson, we are prepared now, more than ever to face tomorrow’s bullish 2021.

Signing off with love, Happy New Year in advanced!

2 thoughts on “2020 what it meant for us?

    1. A tricky year of 2020, but it has somehow made us grow. An interesting year in review post you’ve recapped. You make me believe that there is always a good in every bad encounter. Thank you for featuring my work on your blog, a great 2021 kick-start for me with your encouragement!

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