What’s your purpose?

Second week into 2021. Here I am, procrastinating about how’s best to make use of the next 50 weeks to come.

It’s easy to come up with just about anything. Somehow, I’ve put in considerable thoughts into what I set to achieve this year compared to previous years. Perhaps I’m approaching mid-life dilemma whereby material achievement doesn’t excite me as much as it used to be. Perhaps I’m expecting a child this year that I start reflecting my every action that is capable of maneuvering the future. What would it be like for my child in the next twenty years to come?

Twenty years ago today was a whole different world. Nature, climate, and air quality issues are far more severe today than before. Advocators of sustainability, mainly led by younger generation are more assertive than ever, making it impossible for us to ignore. A carefree life without heavy obligation, that was a history. Few more years to approaching mid-life, I question my purpose and my contribution to society. Watching ‘A Dog’s Purpose‘ last weekend for the second time was no coincidence. Despite reborn three times in the form of different breeds, the main cast, Bailey has only one purpose, which is to serve its owner. No doubt a dog is a man’s best friend. If all livings have a sense of clear purpose, what’s ours?

I’ve come across many articles debating if we, humans are the smartest species on earth. If we are, are we making use of our wisdom for the good of society? Or a culprit of destruction?

Over fifteen years now that I am still trapped in a never-ending rat race for materialism. Not because I am tyrannical, but more because of how the society is set up to be. To earn a certain level of respect, some materialism mindset is necessary. That is without adding gender inequality into the equation. How blindsided, ignorant, and selfish one could turn out to be for the sake of personal gain?

The upside is I am a firm believer of self-reflection, an exercise which I trust in its effectiveness for personal development to the extent of creating this blog. Having more than thirty years of life experience on earth, it is only now that I am questioning my purpose of life. A little too late, or better now than never?

Reflecting then, reassessing now, and rethinking for the future.

With all that I have learned under my belt, I am so ready to give back to society in manner which I could. The topic of sustainability will be my key interest for the rest of year and more years to come.

What’s your purpose?

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

2 thoughts on “What’s your purpose?

  1. Today I had nothing better to do, so I sets about searching LinkedIn for all of my Facebook friends, as a reaction to the rumors that Facebook is losing profiles all the time. I figured that connecting with my friends on LinkedIn would, at the very least, keep those friends in contact with me.

    This brought me to a similar predicament as I was reading through some of my friends profiles and reading about their many very impressive accomplishments. Many of them have verified Twitter accounts and/or LinkedIn “in” badges above their names (something that I don’t yet have). I started to compare my accomplishments to those of my friends, and it made me depressed as I stated to wonder what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Luckily, my girlfriend, Amelia Desertsong, gave me some advice to make me feel better.

    Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has given most of us plenty of time to think about our lives, and in my case, has perpetuated a few bouts of unhealthy comparison of myself to others. Here’s my LinkedIn profile if you’re interested…


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