Thinking out loud.

Latest news of the day: The UK government decided to extend furlough scheme until September.

I find it hard to imagine not working for months. Thinking about those who have been furloughed for months since last year, I would go crazy if I am asked to stay home without much opportunity to optimise my brain into delivering something productive. Would furloughed staff come back to workforce stronger and being more appreciative post September, or skills go rusted? Even pilot’s experiences are assessed by flying miles. Let’s face it, if a company doesn’t need you since the past months, why would they still need you in the next months to come? Uncertainties are indeed scary, especially furlough decision lies in the hand of organisations.

Surprisingly, there are mix views on this. It turned out many quite enjoy having furlough scheme in place. There is a rise in online courses offered for self-development since last year, as people are dedicating more time in upgrading themselves now than ever before. Of course, it would be an upside for organisations if one rejoins the workforce better equipped than before pandemic. All up to individual’s self-initiative. But, what if it’s the opposite where furlough scheme is taken for granted and furloughed employees got used to the new norm of getting income without working – what would work compensation and productivity look like when they return?

Accumulated knowledge and skills are only meaningful when they are transformed into value-added contribution or purpose. Just like doctors and nurses exist to save lives. Learning is a lot more enjoyable and satisfying with on-job practices and feedback. Often, I ask myself. If my profession is a chore, working would be dreadful. If I enjoy what I do, time would seems too short and learning would be a never ending journey. Income would be satisfactory out of doing something I love. If someone is to pay me without the need of my contribution, it would be offensive as I would be a waste of space in the society. One can only be calculative with work at the absence of passion. Work to live, or live to work? It’s confusing but matters.

Coming back to furlough scheme – would furlough makes one complacent or teaches one to appreciate normal work life even more than before? Self-development is not limited to knowledge learned from reputable institutions and number of modules completed.

Positive attitude plays a big part too. Being mentally prepared in embracing new ways of doing things goes hand-in-hand with knowledge.

Overcoming crisis we are facing is not going to be easy and it takes time and double of the effort of used-to-be. Countries are resetting, same goes to many organisations. Doing more with less is expected. Change is necessary, it’s time to up our game.

Photo by Milan Popovic

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